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Fair ingredients

Pure nature

Naturally, Inproba meets all the strict legal requirements imposed on the ingredients of our products. But we don’t even think these are enough. We want our products to be “pure nature” as much as possible. This is why we limit the use of artificial additives wherever we can.

In addition, as a Dutch company with Fair Oriental values, we want to be clear about what is in our products. We believe this openness is very important. To the consumer and to ourselves.

As little salt and sugar as possible

We are a food producer of ready-to-eat products. This means we have to make our products sustainable, otherwise they will spoil. We do this, for example, by using pasteurisation and sterilisation. Sometimes it means that, unlike with a fresh product, we may still have to add “a little something” to guarantee the shelf life of a product. For example, this might be salt or sugar, or a food acid. Salt and sugar are hot topics in our society today. And rightly so: excessive use of these substances can cause demonstrable health risks. We always ensure as little as possible is added and we choose the most conscious options; but we cannot (yet) remove them completely without affecting taste and shelf life. We are also constantly looking for ways to limit the amount of salt and sugar we use in our recipes, or we try to replace them altogether with other natural alternatives. It is very important to us to do that.

Responding to developments in the food industry and health trends
For us, Fair Oriental means the purest possible taste.
This means responding to developments in the food industry and science quickly and as appropriately as possible. As a food producer, we make sure we are as flexible as possible when it comes to the latest health insights, and we do this within the legal and technical frameworks we have.

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