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Corporate social responsibility goes without saying in Inproba. As a company and producer, we want to make a positive contribution to people and society. We do this in our vicinity: by being involved with our employees and contributing to our environment. But certainly also further away. We talk to our suppliers about various ways to improve living and working conditions in the countries where we source our raw materials. And we regularly participate in projects that improve the production of raw materials.

The suppliers of our chilli peppers are Rainforest Alliance Certified. This ensures our farmers have a better future. For them, attention to human rights, good working conditions, and a fair income are essential for maintaining the certificate.

Inproba thus makes a positive contribution to people and society:

  • Inproba has entered into a structural partnership with Icfon, an organisation committed to increasing the level of prosperity in Nepal. More information about this partnership.
  • All our suppliers have received guidelines about how they should deal with a number of issues. These relate to human rights, (child) labour, discrimination, corruption, exploitation, and the environment. The (written) responses we received have been inventoried and inform our choices of suppliers.
  • Inproba stimulates healthy nutrition, both internally and externally. For example, when developing products, we pay close attention to reducing the sugar and salt we put in; we do not use hardened fats; and we use as few artificial additives as possible. Our products are as pure as possible.
  • We stay close to our immediate environment: in our location in Baarn (where many of our employees live) we sponsor many sports clubs, associations and projects.

For more information about our sponsoring activities, milestones for society, and our goals for 2021, please refer to our CSR brochure.

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