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How to find Inproba B.V.?

On the highway A1 ( Amersfoort - Amsterdam) take (from both directions) exit number nr. 10 (Baarn Noord) and follow the signs 'Baarn'. On the second roundabout follow the sign 'Industrieterrein De Noordschil'. You are on the Hermesweg; our company is based on number 17.

Inproba B.V.
Hermesweg 17, 3741 GP  Baarn

Tel.: +31 (35) - 542 99 22
Fax.: +31 (35) - 542 16 91


Sustainable packaging


It is not only the raw materials used in our sambals and chilli sauces that have become more sustainable, the packaging has as well. As of 1 October, we switched to 100% recycled PET packaging (r-P...


The story behind our sustainable sambals and chilli sauces


Want to know more about our sustainable sambals and chilli sauces? Watch our Rainforest Alliance video and travel to Thailand with us. The video can be found on our Rainforest Alliance web...

Nasi Goreng
30 minutes, 4
Bami Goreng
30 minutes, 3-4

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Inproba B.V.
Customer service
P.O. Box 38
3740 AA Baarn
The Netherlands
T: +31 (35) - 5429922
F: +31 (35) - 5421691

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