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New: Chilli Sauce 50% less sugar

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Publication date 31-05-2018

50% less sugar *, 100% taste!

Half of the sugar in this chilli sauce has been replaced by Stevia extract, a sweetener of natural origin. By adding Stevia extract this sweet / spicy chili sauce maintains its delicious taste. Stevia extract is a vegetable product and is extracted from the leaves of the Stevia plant also known as Stevia rebaudiana.

* than comparable sweet chili sauces.

For more information check out our product page.

Voted Product of the Year 2019


We are very proud to announce that our ‘Chilli Sauce Sweet 50% less sugar’ has been voted 'Voted Product of the year 2019’ in the 'Asian Sauces' category. Throughout 2...


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