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Cassava Crackers

Inproba Cassava Crackers
Cassava Crackers

These Cassave crackers are made using the finest, natural ingredients. The crackers are slightly spicy and are fried in 100% sunflower oil. Delicious as a snack between meals, and with nasi or bami.

Content: 50 g, 135 g.


Product overview


Cassave 36%, tapioca starch 29%, sunflower oil 23%, spices and herbs 3,9% (chili pepper, galangal, CELERY LEAF, black pepper, coriander), sugar, leek, iodized sea salt.


Typical Values

Per 100 g:

Energy: 2136 kJ/ 510 kcal
Fat: 24 g
of which saturated fatty acids: 1,8 g
Carbohydrate: 73 g
of which sugars: 4,5 g
Fibre: 2,3 g
Protein: 0,9 g
Salt: 1,4 g



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